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 Geophysical, Acoustic, and Video Well Logging

A well represents a considerable monetary investment and is the conduit to a community's most vital resource; clean water. Downhole Well Services provides a suite of wireline logging methods that render a detailed look at the condition of both new and existing wells or borings. A log is a continuous depth profile characterizing casing, screen, rock, and or fluid properties adjacent to a well. These logging methods allow for the proper evaluation of existing and potential problems affecting the integrity and contents of the borehole or well.

Downhole Well Servicesí imaging systems feature the Mount Sopris Instruments MGXII digital logger, the CUES Radial View Color (RVC) high-resolution,four inch video camera and the Aries Axial View Color (CCV) two inch video camera. For a close up of the video, click here.  The RVC camera (Radial View Color), with its fully articulating lens, is housed in a pressure-resistant stainless-steel body that is lowered into the well on triple armored 2000 foot coaxial cable. The new low-lux features of this camera allow for the most detailed inspection of all well features offered to date. The CCV camera, with its axial view fixed lens, is also housed in a pressure-resistant stainless-steel body that is easily interchangeable with the RVC camera on the end of the 2000-foot coaxial cable. Once lowered, both cameras provide a continuous visual log of the casing, borehole, or screen. The image is transmitted to a monitor, in a climate controlled 14.5 feet cube van, providing real-time viewing of the inspection and simultaneously recording on three VHS tapes and capturing digitally on a laptop hard drive for DVD output. In addition, the image is transmitted to a SONY UP-20 Color Video Printer that instantly prints hard copy pictures of the screen image. Our water resources staff, having experience of over 1,500 well video inspections, then analyzes the field recorded video tapes and subsequently burned digital disks.

Downhole Well Servicesí geophysical logging system features the MGXII logger with multi-sensor stacking probes. The MGXII logger offers multi-sensor stacking probes measuring up to nine parameters simultaneously. It also has the ability to display data in real-time as the probes are raised, enabling immediate field analysis. Upon arrival in the office, geophysical and acoustic data are redisplayed for analysis and interpretation. Interpreted data displays are then presented for review, i.e. correlation with surrounding interpreted wells, to the appropriate State Agency. Finally data is redisplayed, including the final interpretation, and distributed to the client. Click here to see a close up of the chart.

Our water well video inspection system along with our geophysical logging capability allows us to obtain information about specific wells as an aid in determining the best method to rehabilitate or augment the efficiency of the well. Our ability to actually observe in-situ well conditions is a tremendous tool in the evaluation of water systems.

To view our equipment and the videos it produces Click here.

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