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President – Downhole Well Services, LLC.

Professional Summary

Mr. Traen has over twenty years of multifaceted experience in the geophysical and environmental consulting fields.  Mr. Traen has extensive background in borehole slimline electrical and optical imaging servicing the groundwater and geotechnical industries.  His multilevel experience includes data acquisition, processing, interpretation, and reporting; project management; and marketing.  Specifically, his experience includes analyzing geophysical data employing software programs to form two and three dimensional graphs of the subsurface.  Mr. Traen has researched problems with on-site data processing to determine why results were inaccurate or nonobtainable.  Mr. Traen has supervised field acquisition layout parameters, operations, and initial analysis as per client request and extensive test site technical data communication and evaluation with client exploratory field staff mapping potential hydrocarbon traps.

Professional Experience

  • Presently is the founder and president of Downhole Well Services, LLC, a company established to provide visual, optical, acoustic, and geophysical logging services to the water well industry.
  • Recently Mr. Traen was the Downhole Services Manager for the Upper Midwest’s leading provider of geophysical logging services to the water well industry.  Duties entailed all facets of the business from marketing at conventions to field data acquisition to lithologic interpretation to invoicing and collections.
  • Served as Downhole Slimline Services Manager on hundreds of projects.  Responsibilities included acquisition, processing, and interpretation of data; client communications, and marketing.
  • Served as Geophysical Operations Manager/Technician on over 50 projects.  Supervised the acquisition of near surface magnetic, electric, ground penetrating radar, and seismic surveys.
  • Acquired, processed, and analyzed Vibroseis, dynamite, Weight Drop, gravity, reflection, refraction, and uphole static data constructing graphs of potential hydrocarbon traps in Kenya, Sudan, and Pakistan.
  • Served as a field based Quality Control Technician Supervisor for Geophysical Services International, Dallas, Texas with work location in Saudi Arabia.  Responsibilities included: bird dogging parameter compliance of Vibroseis crew operations, programming drilling, acquisition, processing, and interpretation of dynamite source uphole static program.


  • B.A.  Biology
  • Minor: Chemistry, Math
  • Mankato State University, Mankato, Minnesota
  • Studies in Seismic Processing
  • Coursework concentration in Geophysical Processing and Basic Petroleum Geology

Continuing Education/Specialized Training

  • 40-hour OSHA 1910.120 Hazardous Materials Handling Training, with annual refresher courses.


  • Minnesota Water Well Association, Minnesota Rural Water Association, American Water Works Association, Wisconsin Water Well Association, Wisconsin Rural Water Association, Iowa Water Well Association, National Groundwater Association, Society of Exploration Geophysicists

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